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TFI News May/June 2007

TFI News
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1987 – 2007
Celebrating 20 Years of TFI in 2007

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May/ June 2007
Volume 15, Issue 4

1. Location, Location, Location
2. C4 Celebrates
3. Lulu B. Picks a Winner
4. Gotstyle's Got It All at The Cotton Ball
5. Mode Future: Part Two, Exploring London
6. Scene & Heard
7. Upcoming Events
8. Top Picks

1. Location, Location, Location
The Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) will be moving to a new, yet-to-be-announced location on August 31, 2007. “Our lease at 106 Dovercourt is expiring at the end of August,” said Susan Langdon, executive director, TFI. “We were hoping that the new landlord, Baywood Homes, would renew our lease but our space is needed to build a condo sales centre.” The move will be the third in the non-profit’s 20-year history. “Neighborhood revitalization seems to follow us wherever we go,” said Langdon. “Just look at how thriving this area of Queen Street is now.” The TFI hopes to remain in Parkdale but price will dictate its final location. Lease negotiations are underway and an announcement regarding the new location will be made soon.

2. C4 Celebrates
On June 11, 2007, the Friends of Textiles & Costume (FTC) hosted the Crystal Clear Champagne Celebration - a.k.a. "the C4 Party", in the new Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume on level C4 in the peak of the Michael-Lee Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto.



Just weeks before the C4 celebration: much work to be accomplished in the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles and Costumes in the Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum. Photograph: David Livingstone



The volunteer FTC committee which assisted ROM staff and fashion producer Betty Finnie-Hunt, included event co-ordinator Elizabeth des Roches, chair, FTC; notable fashion writer David Livingstone; publicists Clara Northcott and Bronwyn Aikens; and TFI’s executive director Susan Langdon. More than 250 prestigious guests from Canada's fashion, art & museum worlds were feted with champagne, strawberries & petit fours, while 12 notable Canadian fashion designers presented crystal-inspired ensembles. Long-established and up-and-coming designers were invited to create unique designs, which were captured in the stunning, all-white crystal-shaped gallery by 4 prominent photographers & numerous members of the media.


Same corner, all ready for chic: as a model in Mercy is photographed. Photograph: David Livingstone









Participating designers included Lida Baday, Izzy Camilleri, Joeffer Caoc, Comrags, David Dixon, Juma, Jeremy Laing, Paddye Mann, Pat McDonagh, Mercy, Franco Mirabelli and Pink Tartan. Photographers included Alex vs. Alex, Graydon Sheppard, Talia Shipman and George Whiteside. Outstanding designs included Comrags’ ingeniously crafted dress of matte silver Venetian blinds, Paddye Mann’s hand-screened and digitally imprinted dress featuring photos of the Crystal taken from Bloor Street, Franco Mirabelli’s futuristic coat with cut prism panels, and Pat McDonagh’s goddess gown with reflective crystal detailling.


From left to right, designs by Franco Mirabelli, Paddye Mann and Pat McDonagh
Photograph: Talia Shipman

William Thorsell, CEO & Director of the Royal Ontario Museum; Dr. Alexandra Palmer, senior fashion costume curator of the ROM, and Patricia Harris, heritage governor, ROM (and founder of the Friends of Textiles & Costume) each mentioned the challenges that were met during the initial conception & planning of the unusual gallery. They also spoke enthusiastically of their hopes for its future uses & overall importance in educating the general public about the all-encompassing field of textiles & costume. Dr. Palmer noted that the ROM has a superb collection, which rivals many in Europe and the United States. She also expressed her keen desire that the gallery will provide an environment where historic, contemporary and future fashions can meet and meld.

3. Lulu B. Picks a Winner
Toronto-based designer Carrie Hayes (below right) is the winner of the first Lulu B. Fashion Award valued at $3,500. The award entitles Hayes to a one-year sponsorship of a studio residency at the Toronto Fashion Incubator. A judging panel comprised of Andrew Cieszkowski from Boisset, Amandine Ody from Sopexa, Nathalie Atkinson, fashion journalist from the National Post and TFI’s Susan Langdon selected Hayes for her contemporary womenswear collection, which best celebrated the characteristics of Lulu B.: a combination of romance, seduction and approachability. "I'm delighted to have been chosen as the winner of the Lulu B. competition because it has provided me with the opportunity to grow my business in the nurturing environment of the TFI,” said Hayes. “I'm excited to have the support of Lulu B. and the TFI. Having outside support makes all the difference to a small business."

Hayes graduated with honours from the International Academy of Design’s fashion design program and apprenticed with Canadian designer Barbara Starr. She has worked for many years in the apparel industry and has established herself in design and quality assurance. With her fine sense of colour and eye for beautiful shapes, Hayes creates a line of edgy, feminine pieces designed especially for Canadian women.


4. GOTSTYLE'S Got It All at The Cotton Ball
GOTSTYLE, Toronto's most stylish menswear shop, celebrated all things cotton at The Cotton Ball on June 7, 2007, at 499 King St. W. in Toronto. Named for the traditional two-year anniversary gift, The Cotton Ball featured an outdoor runway with models such as TSN’s Michael Landsberg and eTalk/Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney.

The event also featured a Cotton Club-tribute tent celebrating all things Art Deco. Attendees enjoyed jazz, cocktails and decor in GOTSTYLE’s prohibition-era-inspired lounge, which harkened back to New York in the roaring 1920s.

GOTSTYLE is a complete lifestyle store for urban male professionals. Carrying over 30 designer brands including Ted Baker, Mark Nason, Tiger of Sweden, Ringspun, Dubuc and Junk Deluxe, it includes the first male-only spa, staffed by women, integrated into the retail space. Owners Melissa Austria and Seamus Clarke encourage shoppers to indulge in a variety of services offered, in an atmosphere that recalls the heyday of exclusive men’s clubs, combined with modern amenities, they said. For more on GOTSTYLE, contact 416-260-9696.

5. Mode Future: Part 2 Exploring London
By Clara Northcott

Follow TFI advisory member Clara Northcott as she discovers London. Read part one of Clara’s London visit and her participation in the first international fashion incubator’s conference in the April 2007 issue of TFI News.

After the first international fashion incubator conference concluded in Kent, U.K., in March of this year, I decided to make a quick stop at Canadian ex-pat designer Todd Lynn’s studio, which is located in Bromley, South London.

TFI executive director Susan Langdon had taught Todd when she was an instructor at Ryerson University in the early 1990s and the last time I had seen him was when he judged the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards (SIFA) in 2001. Todd had won the first edition of the awards in Canada in 1991, when he had nearly completed his four-year degree in fashion design. Todd is someone I greatly admire for he had a vision of where he wanted to be, went after it and conquered it. I remember him working and living like a hermit, in his grandmother’s house, somewhere along Queen Street East, not far from the Scarborough Bluffs. Season after season, he would focus on the completion of his leather collections with his impeccable craftsmanship. I vividly recall one of the collections being in a purple and gray palette--vividly, not only for the colour but also for the way the clothes hugged the models' bodies, like skins that literally become part of the body until they are peeled off once experienced.



Todd’s Studio in Bromley, South London: from left to right, Perry Parker, Clara Northcott, Todd Lynn and Lenka Juraskov



In those days, Todd worked by day with the late designer Nathalie Namchuck at Coba Reece, so that he could save for his dream of studying at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, which he completed “with distinction” in 2000. And now that Todd has both feet on the ground, he can hardly come to a stand still--he is currently engaged in a multitude of media and business opportunities, traveling between South London, London and Paris, where his business takes him on a weekly basis.

Dressing an impressive group of musicians like Bono, Marilyn Manson, and Mick Jagger, to name a few, and having secured retailers like Holt Renfrew in Canada, Barney’s in New York and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, it’s clear that Todd Lynn has undoubtedly arrived on the international fashion scene and the array of articles on his success in U.S. Vogue, U.S. Harper’s Bazaar, Jalouse and I-D magazine, all prove that his dream is indeed being realized.

Later, I headed for London and stayed at a new hotel, The Hoxten, at 81 Great Eastern St. (www.hoxtonhotels.com) that had been highly recommended to us by my good friend, Johnny Pitt, president of one of London’s hot public relations companies—The Launch Group, which is planning international expansion to Europe, USA and Canada in 2008.

The Hoxton's founder, Sinclair Beecham, calls it a “no bullsh_t hotel”. It delivered a healthy dosage of style and comfort at a surprisingly affordable daily rate of about 100£. For that rate, the basic amenities are brought to guests with a great deal of panache: free breakfast in a brown bag delivered to your door, access to a fully loaded lobby offering free use of the Internet, a cash machine, a shop selling essentials like batteries and beverages for the right price, and a restaurant serving comfort food. Everything at the Hoxton was ultra cool.

The next day, I paid a visit to Craig and Cheryl at Harriet’s Muse, the hub of the world’s most amazing corsets, particularly those in leather. They welcomed me with an intimate small champagne reception. Rebekah Roy later joined us. Born in London, but raised in Southern Ontario, Rebekah is now a freelance fashion and music stylist with over ten years of experience working in Paris, Montreal, Toronto and now, London. She styled the campaigns for Hitachi and Samsung, to name a few, and has worked with celebrities and musicians including Kaiser Chiefs, Madness, The Feeling and Billy Idol. At Harriet’s Muse I had a chance to see her in action dressing a new British artist, Penny Foster, for her first video. Rebekah had Penny in a Harriet’s Muse red leather corset and a turquoise bustled mini skirt.

Harriet’s Muse








My last stop in London, was in the early morning of March 19. Johnny Pitt had invited me for breakfast at his office, which is very close to Picadilly Circus. I had met Johnny years ago, when he was still at the Rolland Company and Smirnoff was their client—Rolland was handling the International PR for SIFA. I remember having a conversation with him when, in 1996, the International Final was held in Toronto, and I encouraged him to start his public relations company. I am just as thrilled for him as I am for Todd Lynn. The Launch Group (www.launchgroup.com) is now one the most successful companies in London. We had good conversation about the past and what the future holds over a healthy breakfast that he promised he would have for me, of cereal, berries, yogurt, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. Did I mention croissants? Yes, we had that too! With breakfast over and a quick tour of his office, there were more sad good-byes before returning to Canada.
6. Scene & Heard

White Cashmere Collection ‘07 to Celebrate Quebec Design
The fourth annual White Cashmere Collection 2007 is ready to roll with a unique and stunning celebration of Quebec design. Eight top Quebec designers--Marie Saint Pierre, Muse par Christian Chenail, ENVERS, Michel Desjardins, Helmer, Georges Lévesque, Falbala and Bodybag by Jude--have signed on to create BT Couture--outifts fashioned entirely of Cashmere bathroom tissue. This is the first time leading designers have created Cashmere BT Couture. The collection, now in its fourth year, will debut at a spectacular fashion show this September in Montreal. In related news, earlier this year Toronto-based Strategic Objectives, which handles the public relations for Cashmere, won two International Association of Business Communications Ovation Awards of Excellence in both marketing communications and media relations for its work in developing the White Cashmere Student Design Competition.

TFI Residents Are Movin’ On Up
Hannah Melville of Wonderlust and Michelle Turpin of Karamea relocated to new studios on June 30, 2007. Melville returns to her native province, British Columbia, after five years in Toronto and Turpin is sharing a studio with menswear designer Philip Sparks. Contact Melville at hannah@wonderlustclothing.ca and visit www.wonderlustclothing.ca for updates. Contact Turpin at 416-832-7112, michelleturpin@karamea.ca or visit www.karamea.ca for her updates.

New Bridal Boutique
Former TFI Resident Tina Cho opened Partina Atelier, a high-end bridal boutique at 521A Eglinton Ave. W. in Toronto. Partina Atelier is named as one of the top seven bridal boutiques in Toronto by the 2007 Toronto Shopping Guide published by Toronto Life. For more info, visit www.partina.ca.

A Cool New Benefit for TFI Members
TFI is thrilled to announce a new TFI Reward exclusively for TFI members. As the new Hospitality Partner of the Toronto Fashion Incubator, the Drake Hotel is offering special discounts to TFI members. For rates and more information, click here to download TFI's Member Rewards chart. The Drake Hotel is one of the hottest boutique hotels in the Arts and Design District of downtown Toronto. If offers six different dining experiences, diverse nightly entertainment and revolving art shows. For more about the The Drake, visit www.thedrakehotel.ca.

LOULOU’s On To Us!
TFI would like to congratulate the many TFI members featured in the June 2007 issue of LOULOU magazine. Margie Jewellery Studio (1402 Queen St. E., Studio C4, Toronto) was featured in the Hot Shops section. Hip Line’s Eve Kinizo has teamed up with LOULOU to offer 25% off all designs from her webstore (www.hipline.org/loulou). OtherTFI members mentioned were SOOS jewellery at WASH UP & BRUSH CO! (107 Danforth Ave. Toronto) and FIEERCE (425 Queen St. W., Toronto). Plus, there’s a great interview with Foxy Originals about their latest collection. Congratulations everyone on the great press!

Thank You to TFI Donors
This month we recognize Amanda Peam for her kind donation to TFI. Thanks, Amanda! We send our sincerest thanks for your support of our non-profit organization.

7. Upcoming Events

Bread & Butter Barcelona
July 4 -6, 2007
FIRA Barcelona
Fashion trade show featuring all styles from streetwear to designer.Phone:49-30-400-400 or
416-967-0488. Email info@firabcn.es or visit the web at www.breadandbutter.com

TFI Promostyl Trend Forecast Seminar Fall/Winter 2008/09
July 11, 2007, 5:00pm or 7:00pm
Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto
Exclusive Presentation for TFI Members Only
Be one of the first in Toronto to get an insight into the global view on colours, trends and silhouettes for the F/W 08/09 season. Find out what will be selling in stores and why. International trend research and design company Promostyl presents its semi-annual visual presentation. Please note, tickets WILL NOT be available at the door. Tickets are limited and available at TFI Shop on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss out on this popular sell-out event!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
July 12 - 15, 2007
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Spring/summer 2008 designer collections. Phone: 49-89-2050-88-119, email Caro.grove@imgworld.com or visit www.mercedes-benzfashionweekberlin.com.

August 23 - 25, 2007
Fashion & Design Festival--Toronto
Die-hard fashionistas can get their fashion fix at this free fashion extravaganza featuring Canadian designers, DJs and bands. Organized by Sensation Mode, producers of Fashion & Design Montreal and Montreal Fashion Week, the three-day festival will see Dundas Square transformed into a flamboyant catwalk. For more information, visit www.sensationmode.com.

August 27 – 31, 2007
Moving Day at TFI
Our offices, studios and programs will be temporarily unavailable while we pack up and hit the road to our new location. To TFI members and our future members, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We apologize for any inconveniences but we look forward to welcoming you in our new home soon.

Interested in having your event posted? Send your submission with a minimum of 30 days notice to TFI.


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