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October/November 2010

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October/November 2010
Volume 18, Issue 6


1. WANTED: Designers In Need of $10,000 CASH
2. Toronto's Most Stylish House Gets Fashionalbe
3. The Tweets That Shaped #LGFW
4. TFI Wins Incubator of The Year Award
5. TFI Press & Buyers Breakfast Recap
6. New York Announces New Fashion Industry Initiatives
7. Upcoming TFI Events
8. Share Your News With TFI
9. Thank You Donors
10. Scene & Heard
11. Top Picks
12. Upcoming Events

1. WANTED: Designers In Need of $10,000 CASH
The Toronto Fashion Incubator is seeking womenswear apparel designers who have been in business three years or less, who need $10,000 CASH and who desire a FEATURE editorial in FLARE magazine. Enter TFI’s New Labels® Fashion Competition for a chance to win a prize package valued at $40,000! Entry deadline is December 6, 2010 so contact tfi@fashionincubator.com today! BONUS: Ask for a FREE copy of “How To Create A WINNING TFI New Labels® Application Tutorial” for helpful tips.

"Innovative and original, the Toronto Fashion Incubator is one of the first of its kind in the global fashion industry. Without it, the Canadian fashion industry would not have experienced the rapid evolution of such exciting new talent. I have long admired the progressive thinking and influence of the Toronto Fashion Incubator. FLARE has charted the growth of the Incubator's top talents over the past 23 years and I expect to see many more new names in the years to come. I'm thrilled that FLARE is partnering with the TFI this year to introduce an exceptional group of designers ready to take the industry by storm."
Lisa Tant, editor-in-chief, FLARE

Generously sponsored by:
P&G Beauty


2. Toronto’s Most Stylish House Gets Fashionable
By Gail McInnes

Event Photos by Biserka Livaja
Courtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

The house that Canadian Architect magazine called “a captivating architectural experiment of movement and beauty” became the setting for Toronto Fashion Incubator’s (TFI) first annual fundraiser, Behind the Scenes with Canada’s Top Designers, on Tuesday, November 9th. Integral House, an award-winning 5-storey, 18,000 square foot prestigious Rosedale home featuring staggering panoramic views, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a concert hall, opened its doors to philanthropic hearts, the fashionable elite, and the architecturally-curious. Guests from Vancouver and New York City networked with designers, architects, editors and socialites including Suzanne Rogers and Ainsley Kerr.

Three top Canadian designers, David Dixon, Joeffer Caoc and Lucian Matis, all Ryerson University graduates and all members and alumni of TFI, showcased their spring 2011 collections in an intimate presentation where guests discovered the untold stories of behind-the-scenes inspiration, drama and challenges through the inquisitive questions of host Glenn Dixon, one of the interior design stars on W Network’s Take This House and Sell It!.

Integral House owner, Dr. James Stewart, a mathematician, musician and author, shared his own stories on the house stating that when he first met with architects Shim and Sutcliffe he had asked for only three requirements: curves, glass and a performance space. The house took six years to plan and another six years to build.

While sipping on wine from the Portuguese Trade & Tourism Commission and enjoying delicious hors d'oeuvres, guests were invited to the Schwarzkopf Professional gift lounge to select personalized items with help from hair care experts. Guests also enjoyed M.A.C Cosmetics gift bags and a raffle draw sponsored by Acura Canada.

The event raised almost $30,000 for the non-profit TFI. Net event proceeds will fund TFI’s annual New Labels® Fashion Design Competition and runway finale which is set to take place on April 14, 2011.

3. The Tweets That Shaped #LGFW
Want to judge the mood of the moment? Here’s what Twitter told us about Toronto’s fashion week
by Doris Montanera (and the twitterati)

In the past, you would find me frantically rushing backstage for interviews, out in the open space chatting (okay, interviewing), chasing down international buyers and media for – yes – interviews. At the spring 2011 collections at LG Fashion Week Beauty by L'Oreal Paris (LGFW) in October, I was still there. Still observing. Still writing. But, as there were more tweets flying than feathers in a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, we decided to democratize our reviews and see whether we could tap out the story in 140-character sound bites.

So, here goes, a recap of the gossip, the glamour and the glitter of LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oreal Paris, as documented by Twitter. (There were so many good tweets. See if yours made the cut.)

LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oreal:

@susanattfi: Recurring trends @LGFWbyFDCC: citrus yellow, hot pink, royal blue, 70's disco music & styling, and jumpsuits 7:37 PM Oct 19th
@DorisMontanera: So far #lgfw has been that '70s show with bits of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver and Halston, undiluted, thrown in. What's in store today? 2:49 PM Oct 20th
@susanattfi: Better buy something striped for spring 2011, seems to be all over the catwalk @LGFWbyFDCC 9:16 PM Oct 20th
@Natalie_Lecomte: Stripes! RT: @LisaTant: #1 trend on Toronto runways for Spring 2011 - seen in most collections from Denis Gagnon to Sears & now Rachel Mara. 9:21 PM Oct 20th
@DorisMontanera: The '70s Deja vu is over today with Thomas and Lauren Bagliore. #lgfw 6:28 PM Oct 21st

@theFlist: My unofficial poll after @AmandaLewKee show = lots of polar opposite opinions. Am sure Denis Gagnon will wow everyone. #lgfw 6:13 PM Oct 22nd
@pliving: If Chanel had a younger rebel sister in 2010, I imagine she'd do a collection like @AMANDALEWKEE. Texture and colour-wise at least. #lgfw 5:28 PM Oct 22nd

@DorisMontanera: Never have I seen Brillo pads look so stylish as at Ashley Rowe's show. 8:07 PM Oct 14th
@JanineFalcon: Brillo pads at Ashley Rowe worn in a fashion reminiscent of a certain well-known persecuted religious figure -- and look pretty! 8:09 PM Oct 14th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Dimly lit warehouse, bathtub in centre eerily lit like a cauldron. Video of paint swirling through water backdrop. Ambience x 10. Too dark for my happy-snap camera.
@DorisMontanera: Loose sweats-like “buffet” tops. Floor-length skirts. Baggy Mrs. Roper caftans, really? Tie-dyed: scrunched or rolled with tennis ball.
@DorisMontanera: Too much ‘70s hippy cult worn together. Too-cool casual chic worn as separates.

@DorisMontanera: Brillo pads are in. Looks like Brillo gown at Baby Steinberg. #lgfw 3:17 PM Oct 21st

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: “Not all trash is garbage” statement.
@DorisMontanera: Rosette mini dress made of coffee filters. Cellphone-case mini skirt. VHS film skirt. Bra top made of keys. Garbage-bag skirt. Newspaper dress.
@DorisMontanera: Could you get away with wearing some of these, Scarlett O’Hara-like? One. Maybe. With hutzpah. But how to wash?

Tweets that would have been:

@DorisMontanera: The Project Runway finalist proves he deserved the spotlight. Effortless looking ruffles and layers and sexy white separates and dresses.
@DorisMontanera: Some of the better versions of one-shoulder dresses, blouson tops and satin jumpsuits. Right on trend.

@DorisMontanera: Green and lavender for the guys at Bustle. 8:52 PM Oct 18th
@DorisMontanera: Live Band rocking the runway at Bustle. 9:05 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Happy socks at bustle http://twitpic.com/2yvoyy 10:52 PM Oct 18th
@amyverner: More sock garters! This time at Bustle. Also, sweat jeans, like jeggings for guys. And a loud band. http://yfrog.com/87ucttj 11:03 PM Oct 18th

@DorisMontanera: Chloecomme Parris: one to watch! #lgfw 3:05 PM Oct 20th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Lots of belt loop and metal bit details.
@DorisMontanera: Detachable & interchangeable, I think. Lots going on but can only guess at it. Suspect it’s awesome. Need some design notes.

@BernadetteMorra: #Corner Gas' Tara Spencer Nairn opens Dare to Wear Love African fundraiser, plus Mediwake, Tremonti, Mesley, Pugliese & Keshia Chante #LGFW 8:17 PM Oct 22nd
@JaeBe: The crowd is huge tonight at the #DaretoWearLove show & w/ this music, loving the vibe! #LGFW 8:25 PM Oct 22nd
@BossLadyWendy: Sorry live tweeting not made possible thanks to guy with freakin' big bobble head infront of me! #LGFW 9:37 PM Oct 22nd
@Laurenonizzle: Shelley Hamilton bringing the house down with those pipes. Loving this. #lgfw #dtwl http://twitpic.com/2zy8bg

@LisaTant: Disappointingly small crowd for one of Canada's very best designers. We love shooting Denis Gagnon's work. 6:09 PM Oct 22nd
@LisaTant: And Denis Gagnon has got me from hello - with a white fringed outfit and spiky hair. 2nd outfit silver beading stunning from back. 6:20 PM Oct 22nd
@LisaTant: Fantastic tribal warrior (bit Mad Max) hair and makeup in collaboration with Lancome. Denis should show in Paris. 6:22 PM Oct 22nd
@susanattfi: The man is a genius! Dip-dyed fringes mixed with lace and signature zipper trim Oct 22nd
@sabzPR: Excuse me while I die of lust for everything coming down the runway at Denis Gagnon. #LGFW 6:24 PM Oct 22nd
@LisaTant: No doubt Denis Gagnon stages the most accomplished show of Toronto Fashion Week & proves that he's the best designer in the country 6:25 PM Oct 22nd
@bpmgirl: Clearly the crown jewel of the week. Just breathtaking @Denis_Gagnon #LGFW 6:31 PM Oct 22nd
@Lauren_rg: #LGFW denis gagnon is a bloody genius !! @fromla_withlove totally and 100 % loves ! 6:30 PM Oct 22nd
@LisaTant: Denis Gagnon needs fashion fairy godmother with deep pockets to pay for top models and a spot in Paris Fashion Week. Final piece = brilliant 6:32 PM Oct 22nd
@MarissaBronfman: Amazing show from Denis Gagnon! Finally something brave, creative, strong and incredibly edgy yet wearable. BRAVO #lgfw 6:47 PM Oct 22nd
@susanattfi: Omg LOVE Denis! Want to buy all the black & leather pcs. Will it be @holtrenfrew please? Oct 22nd

@LisaTant: Hmmm some of these guys outfits would not go over well at all in the big corporate headquarters where I work. 8:42 PM Oct 14th
@DorisMontanera: Hooded capelets, sleeveless suit shirts and shorts at dimitrichris. The air conditioning might not be set to Arctic this summer. 8:57 PM Oct 14th
@DerickChetty: Pajama stripes - Paris women's s/s 2011 trend hits the Toronto runway at Dimitrichris http://yfrog.com/f59q0ej 10:44 PM Oct 14th

@NOWlifestyle: Trench details on blouses, knit tops with criss crossing panels and a little white dress with feathered shoulders at DUY. #LGFW 4:07 PM Oct 22nd
@xoxSNP: Duy feels a bit pick'n'mix. Can't resist a lemon-drop of a party dress can ya? #lgfw http://yfrog.com/533voj 4:08 PM Oct 22nd

@DerickChetty: It's Friday night and I thought I was coming to Greta Constantine fashion show not a cocktail party or nightclub - start the show already!? 10:00 PM Oct 15th
@amyverner: If all good things are worth waiting for, then @gretconstantine show will have to be effing awesome. 90 minutes and counting. 10:02 PM Oct 15th
@DerickChetty: If they are going for some hip cool vibe - it's so not. 10:04 PM Oct 15th
@DerickChetty: Hated that wet matted looking hair - Coco only model not sporting it - an agent intervention perhaps? 10:50 PM Oct 15th

@LisaTant: Jeremy Laing, Mikhael Kale, Lida Baday, Pink Tartan & more top Canadian talent is best way to start the week. Well done @holtrenfrew 7:28 PM Oct 18th
@LisaTant: Good models - every single one needs to be strong - make the difference. Didn't achieve that tonight. 7:41 PM Oct 18th
@LisaTant: The shoes for the LINE section were brutal - made my feet hurt just looking at them. Distracted from clothes. 7:48 PM Oct 18th
@LisaTant: Wish that each of tonight's designers would put on full shows rather than tease with 5 or 6 outfits each. Their voice sadly missing in Week. 8:45 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Loved Jeremy Laing! Soft draped asymm layers in desert sand 9:27 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Very pretty ladylike nude tailored separates offset by sexy draped black dresses at Lida Baday 9:29 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Drop-stitched sheer knits at line 9:31 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Leather gauchos at Line http://twitpic.com/2yv4e4 9:32 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Very wearable menswear from wings + horns 9:36 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: So that's how you show off a jacket line! @smythe http://twitpic.com/2yv6hi 9:40 PM Oct 18th via Twitpic
@susanattfi: Pink tartan b/w striped dress with silver bit harness hardware on shoulder http://twitpic.com/2yv7br 9:43 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Fringed and lace dress from Denis Gagnon http://twitpic.com/2yv8ap 9:47 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Fabulous striped dress by Denis Gagnon http://twitpic.com/2yv96r 9:50 PM Oct 18th
@DerickChetty: I wish the music was a bit more upbeat 9:44 PM Oct 18th
@DerickChetty: Fierce but painful shoes from Line. Wonder who will be carrying their shoe line... http://yfrog.com/5agufkj 9:36 PM Oct 18th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Love, love, love opening video. So much fun. Smoking doyenne (a la Diana Vreeland) circa 1968. “I loathe narcissism but I adore vanity.”
@DorisMontanera: “Magenta is the navy blue of Canada”.
@DorisMontanera: Jeremy Laing impossible to describe. All tucks, pins, flowing lines, asymmetrical layers, in neutrals.
@DorisMontanera: Lida Baday always so ladylike, understated and beautiful. Taupes, blush, black minimalist dresses and separates.
@DorisMontanera: eveningwear impresario Wayne Clark should have been king of the red carpet.
@DorisMontanera: Mikhael Kale: holy warrior woman. Or Cher at the Oscars. Suit me up in armour.

@LisaTant: Great woven handbags by Jessica Jensen. Cool chic stripes by Alexander Berardi & seriously good flats. Need to wear those now - feet killing 6:32 PM Oct 19th
@amyverner: Replaying @JESSICA_JENSEN @HouseOfBerardi show. A nod to Godard's Breathless. A breath of fresh air. http://yfrog.com/1x9r1sj 11:40 PM Oct 19th

@DorisMontanera: Most commercial line draws the biggest crowd. Joe Fresh is golden. #lgfw 8:28 PM Oct 20th
@LisaTant: And there she is - the gorgeous Tiiu and then Arlenis open the show. These two are so fun together. Great personalities. @joefreshstyle 8:29 PM Oct 20th
@LisaTant: Prada-esque bowed patent shoes and great khaki short trench. Love the bowed khaki skirt too. Scout inspired pieces all good. 8:33 PM Oct 20th
@LisaTant: Impressive - these pieces are a stylist's dream. Great long cream satiny skirt and crisp tennis whites with neon green cardigan. 8:36 PM Oct 20th
@LisaTant: Personal favourite - the white sequin tanks - but not the shorts although they work in navy. Another brilliant @JoeFreshStyle show 8:40 PM Oct 20th
@DerickChetty: Crazy crowd for Joe Fresh - supermarket label most attended so far at fashionweek 10:25 PM Oct 20th
@DerickChetty: Scouts Canada inspired uniforms look at Joe Fresh runway 10:33 PM Oct 20th
@DerickChetty: Perfect Prada looking kitten heel at Joe Fresh http://yfrog.com/772rfwj 10:38 PM Oct 20th
@DerickChetty: Boy scout at Joe Fresh http://yfrog.com/2d5elrj 10:42 PM Oct 20th

@LisaTant: Lots of great stripes at [Joeffer] plus good wide-legged trousers with glitzy metallic tanks. 8:27 PM Oct 14th
@DorisMontanera: At Joeffer show, great Audi product placement, preferably not on my feet! 8:53 PM Oct 14th
@DorisMontanera: Metallic glitters at Joeffer Caoc, gold bikini tops and nautical stripes. Rockin the '70s. 9:25 PM Oct 14th
@amyverner: No signage at Brickworks show means Toronto fashion Tweeters confuse Joeffer Caoc for @NADAdesigns (myself inc). Platformed feet in mouths. 10:35 PM Oct 14th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: What? Joeffer has time for a run before the show?!
@DorisMontanera: Audi approached him and sponsored the whole show at the Brickworks.
@DorisMontanera: Theme: nostalgia. Images he remembers from the ‘70s. Blurry ‘cause he was little.
@DorisMontanera: Resorty feel: easy dresses, floaty. Everything with stretch except leather shorts. White jersey dresses.
@DorisMontanera: Double-knit nautical striped dresses, lighter and more breathable than ‘70s versions.
@DorisMontanera: Lace pieces lines in gold Lurex. Gold lining in sheer georgette.
@DorisMontanera: Champagne dresses are sheer, spring-weight velvet. Anyone remember Solid Gold Fever, the So You Think You Can Dance of the ‘70s/’80s?
@DorisMontanera: It’s a jungle out there. A little foliage, a little tiger print in dresses and sashes.
@DorisMontanera: Like the relaxed look of boyfriend shirts with sleeves rolled up. Shorts a la Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver with gold bikini tops in stretch Lycra bathing suit material. They’re accessory pieces.
@DorisMontanera: Whoa, bright: lipstick pink satin dresses.
@susanattfi: hey @DorisMontanera, watch your purse; the Audi almost drove over it (and you!)

@NathAt: Klaxon Howl=English Patient khakis+teddy boy greasers+young Nowhere Boy John Lennon+Japanese Elvis fan as interpreted by Jim Jarmusch. #lgfw 4:22 PM Oct 21st
@PeroniModaFiles: Military inspired menswear marches on with Klaxon Howl’s SS’11 Show. http://t.co/ox9ZuWM #LGFW 1:50 PM Oct 22nd

@NathAt: If Norma Kamali and Comme had a baby, it would be Bagliore. #lgfw Thu Oct 21 19:48:11
@fromla_withlove: #LGFW - Lauren Bagliore S/S 2011 - Black and white has never been so fierce. Lauren Bagliore displayed her... http://tumblr.com/xh6n577dw Mon Oct 25 13:50:55 2010

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Bagliore is pronounced “bal-your-ray”. Good to know.
@DorisMontanera: The Calgarian’s impressive resume includes stints with Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen and Libertine.
@DorisMontanera: She suffered a personal tragedy, hence palette of silvery grey, metallic black and creamy white about going from “dark to light”.
@DorisMontanera: Japanese nylon trench with collar/hood perfect for spring showers. Already looks wet. Feels so Blade Runner.
@DorisMontanera: So many jersey dolman-sleeve dresses, tucked and twisted skirts. Sharp looking, easy wear.

@LisaTant: Great to have a collection as strong as LINE on the Cdn fashion scene. They really have 'it' - that elusive fashion sensibility. 7:24 PM Oct 19th
@Natalie_Lecomte: Macramed chiffon, perforated suede, cloud print silk, gauzy knit in nude/salmon/brown. @LINEKnitwear http://twitpic.com/2z4sf3 10:00 PM Oct 19th
@DorisMontanera: Reflections of yesterday #lgfw: Line's dresses reminiscent of '70s macrame plant holder. Made in tulle. Cool. 2:52 PM Oct 20th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Perforated lamb suede rompers, blush culottes and paperbag waist pants. The shape of Line’s first footwear collection looks like a claw: high shoes with macramed tops.

@DorisMontanera: Love the jewellery at Lovas - Rita Tesolin. 4:21 PM Oct 19th
@DorisMontanera: Shots of brights at Lovas. #lgfw 4:22 PM Oct 19th
@DorisMontanera: Glittery silver sequins sparkle at Lovas too. It's going to be a bright spring. #lgfw 4:23 PM Oct 19th
@susanattfi: Yellow strapless with gold sequins @lovas http://twitpic.com/2z37kq 6:13 PM Oct 19th
@susanattfi: Very cohesive collection from @lovas; blk, white & shots of lemon, hot pink 6:17 PM Oct 19th
@susanattfi: Want one of those rita tesolin bracelets @lovas! 6:19 PM Oct 19th
@susanattfi: Hot pink @lovas http://twitpic.com/2z3dco 6:38 PM Oct 19th
@amyverner: As for LOVAS, I was reminded of bathrooms. By that I mean, a veiny marble countertop print and sequins like Bisazza tiles. 11:45 PM Oct 19th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Wearable, sellable are not dirty words. LOVAS can make money selling clothes. Lots of easy separates to brighten wardrobe.

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Neckpiece and cuff maker turned rtw designer. Neckwear comes in variety of detachable collars, gathered or ruffled or laser cut like a feathered shawl to dress up a plain top.

@LisaTant: Too cold to tweet. Nada is doing a nice job with the jackets - retro 80s feel. Thu Oct 14 22:05:25
@LisaTant: I'm a sucker for brilliant blue - love Nada's blue gown finale. Thu Oct 14 22:08:07
@DorisMontanera: Seatmate's response when white #Audi Spyder rolled down runway: "I'd wear that" (insert sound of awe). Equals marketing success. 9:15 PM Oct 15th

Tweets that would have been
• @DorisMontanera: Gotta like pleat-back fold detail on nipped suit jackets for those Bay Street days.

@NathAt: Skinofmyteeth arrival but @philipsparks fresh Kim Novak picnic ingenues, flirty madras shirtwaists & retro dolman sleeves=fashion Vitamin D. 6:03 PM Oct 13th
@DerickChetty: Serendipity: Philip Sparks first collection for women inspired by rain. And right on cue the heavens opened before the show 10:58 PM Oct 13th

@LisaTant: Love love love the hot flash of colour opening the Pink Tartan show. Sexy silhouettes that will look good on so many too. 5:30 PM Oct 19th
@LisaTant: Jumpsuits here - and plenty on Paris runways - but I still don't get how they fit into the average woman's wardrobe. 5:31 PM Oct 19th
@LisaTant: I detect a YSL influence on the Pink Tartan runway. Love it and the glorious colours on good models. http://plixi.com/p/51673804 5:34 PM Oct 19th
@LisaTant: Orange sunglasses add a fun touch at Pink Tartan. Great that Kim pays attention to styling. http://plixi.com/p/51674531 5:39 PM Oct 19th
@NathAt: Well, Pink Tartan got the memo on the Charlie pants. And Jill Clayburgh's prairie skirts w braless tanks wardrobe from An Unmarried Woman. 5:45 PM Oct 19th
@NathAt: Social maven Catherine Nugent, at Pink Tartan in full plumage, tells me she loves the acid shades, very Halston. And she knew the man. #lgfw 6:10 PM Oct 19th

@DorisMontanera: Rachel Mara has a promising bio. Dressed celebs like SJP in first Sex and City movie. Press release sounds good too. #lgfw 7:06 PM Oct 20th
@DorisMontanera: The memo must have gone out. Packed house. Standing room only left #lgfw 7:07 PM Oct 20th
@LisaTant: First time I've seen a show by Winnipeg-born Rachel Mara. Lots of stripes, pleated shorts and print dresses. 7:18 PM Oct 20th

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: Sexy, feminine, pretty. Casually elegant silk georgette peach shell and cream pants. Cute, flirty striped pieces: navy striped tunic mini dresses, multi-striped dresses.

@DorisMontanera: Standing ovation at Ramona Keveza. #lgfw 8:34 PM Oct 21st

Tweets that would have been
@DorisMontanera: First group: lots of little black cocktail dresses. All strapless. Shoulders are the erogenous zone.
@DorisMontanera: Day for a black wedding: want the flowing black, beaded gown. Feeling envy for sweeping meringue of a white dress with crystal beads down back.
@DorisMontanera: Three models slipped. On dresses? Or because of shoes?

@FLAREfashion: Congrats Rita Liefhebber on her 1st #LGFW show. Told us she was influenced by moody summer weather. Think subdued suiting & knits. 4:09 PM Oct 22nd
@Natalie_Lecomte: @Rita_Liefhebber transforms the #lgfw runway to a Spr11 installation space complete w/ a video! http://twitpic.com/2zvjpf 3:23 PM Oct 22nd
@NOWlifestyle: #LGFW 101: Turn on the lights for runway presentations. Even if it's an "installation". 3:22 PM Oct 22nd

@LisaTant: The key to a good show at any price? Great models & savvy styling. Nice job for Attitude by Sears. #lgfw 6:11 PM Oct 20th
@susanattfi: Knickers & blouson jumpsuits @sears remind me of my @Ryerson days 8:17 PM Oct 20th
@susanattfi: @sears has all the leading trends: hot citrus orange, b/w stripes, white, safari, blouson - congrats Cynthia & Michelle! 8:22 PM Oct 20th

• @xoxsnp: Thomas show music sounds like a bat's death slowed down 800 times. #lgfw 5:20 PM Oct 21st

Tweets that would have been:
• @DorisMontanera: Slim tunics and stylized tuxe jackets with tails. Tucked skinny pants on the guys. Long mandarin collar shirts, layered, hooded pieces, side flaps.
@DorisMontanera: Both the androgyny and creepy vibe work.

@CastorReigns: Loved the tribal/animal/70's YSL feeling at @VAWK. Proof we have great talent in Canadian fashion.
@SergeKerbel: Just in case you missed the beautiful @VAWK S/S 2011 show. Here it is in HD! #LGFW http://youtu.be/rNAuB1LHlX8 Oct 17th
@black_et_blanc: @vawk S|S 2011 show: absolutely gorgeous garments. Can't. Wait. To. Purchase.
@susanattfi: A trio of beauties @VAWK fabulous show, congrats Sunny & @benbarryagency http://twitpic.com/2yufak 6:56 PM Oct 18th via Twitpic
@benbarryagency: Our size 12 model Lelia on the left from @VAWK today RT @susanattfi: A trio of beauties @VAWK http://twitpic.com/2yufak 8:49 PM Oct 18th
@susanattfi: Sunny @Vawk being interviewed by @Flarefashion's Dane Tredway http://twitpic.com/2yveoh 9:12 PM Oct 18th via Twitpic
@celebritybuzzon: Africa at the AGO: For the third time, former Project Runway winner Sunny Fong presented his latest VAWK collectio... http://bit.ly/9CLyiD 1:28 AM Oct 26th
@backseatstylers: New post! @VAWK Spring 2011 backstage photos and review http://bit.ly/cW9mpD Thank you Sunny, @benbarryagency, @faulhaberpr #LGFW 8:49 AM Oct 26th
@MarieDenee: #Vawk S/S 2011 Collection: Age, Race, and Size #Diversity on forefront http://goo.gl/fb/JQAiN #fashionstyle 10:33 AM Oct 26th via Google

How to make fashion week better:

• #LGFW @DorisMontanera: Coco Rocha says she loves the venue: "don't tell New York, but it's much better." #lgfw 7:21 PM Oct 18th

• #LGFW @DerickChetty: Mercifully short speeches at Lgfashion week 9:22 PM Oct 18th

• #improvingfashionweek @NathAt: After Drake brunch panel, still thinking about #lgfw & whether future of Cdn fashion needs more runway shows or a real industry association. 3:04 PM Oct 23rd

• #improvingfashionweek @NathAt: Not a business w the word council in its name or event partnership w a corporation (IMG), but a proper org advocating on behalf of members. 3:07 PM Oct 23rd

• #advicefordesigners @juancarlos_ga: Another Thank you note for attending a Fashion Show... Now *that's* classy. Let's hope this becomes a trend. #lgfw 1:03 PM Oct 22nd

• #toolatesowhat @AnnieNarae: #toolatesowhat @vanessagrainger: @TorontoStar was right a/b #LGFW being catered towards media, not buyers. Timing is also off. But, great exposure for talented Canadians! 6:39 PM Oct 22nd

• #img #lgfw @theFlist: Top topic for today's It's a Wrap fashion wk discush @thedrakehotel: IMG's big Canadian takeover http://ow.ly/2YdZY #img #lgfw Sat Oct 23 10:25:01 2010 [editor’s note: story states that Robin Kay founded fashion week in 1999. She did not. Before her, there was Designers Ontario and sponsorship from the Matinee Foundation. The “week” was similar.]

Keep it central:
• #needtaxisponsor @amyverner: The real theme for Toronto Fashion Week: The Cost of Taxis. 7:22 PM Oct 14th

The fashion week diet:
• #krups #nescafedolcegusto @DorisMontanera: Who would have thought that Nescafe's Dolce Gusto lattes (made in 40 seconds) would taste so good. #lgfw 8:04 PM Oct 18th

• #starving @LisaTant: Dinner was a cookie. What's the problem with getting some food in this place? Ridiculous. 6:30 PM Oct 19th

• #starving @DorisMontanera: the fashion week diet: coffee, a cookie (thank you Jessica Jensen), and $3.50 water. #lgfw 7:20 PM Oct 19th

• #starving @NathAt: Oh, the sandwich I could have made w $7.50 and 10 mins to get to a grocery store!! #lgfw 3:30 PM Oct 22nd

• #starving @RyanMCheung: Sushi before #LGFW - a week-long "diet" - Too much of a good thing? Never. Fri Oct 22 18:02:26 2010

• #starving @Fashionights: Hmmm the end #LGFW and we're finally eating!! @nicksean @fashionhungry at @RooseveltRoomTO http://twitpic.com/2zxtyh 8:22 PM Oct 22nd

• #starving @OfTheNow: Well #LGFW is over, but I am still eating randomly and on the go. Powerbar at 10:45pm for dinner!! Ugh #EmptyFridge... Sat Oct 23 22:49:37 2010

New body to go with those clothes:
• #theskinny @StudioLit: Fashion week, day one: anyone else feel fat? #LGFW 9:19 PM Oct 18th

• #theskinny @GailMcInnes: Going through all the #LGFW photos and picking things that I could/would actually wear. So far, slim pickings for my body type. 9:38 PM Oct 25th

• #theskinny @beautygeeks: If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Holt Renfrew Opens LG Fashion Week http://nblo.gs/9n9De 12:35 AM Oct 20th

• #theskinny @beautygeeks: If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Lovas at LG Fashion Week SS2011 http://nblo.gs/9nTyT 7:45 AM Oct 20th

• #theskinny @beautygeeks: If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Amanda Lew Key at LG Fashion Week SS2011 http://nblo.gs/9BScb 10:36 AM Oct 25th

• #theskinny @beautygeeks: If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Denis Gagnon, LG Fashion Week SS2011 http://nblo.gs/9CbFL 12:27 PM Oct 25th

Seating charts are handy:
• #musicalchairs @DorisMontanera: Someone sitting in my seat at Pink Tartan. Need to not be so Canadian and kick them out....but I am Canadian. Sigh #lgfw 5:19 PM Oct 19th

• #musicalchairs @susanattfi: Why do people steal reserved seats at @LGFWbyFDCC then refuse to move? Yes, I'm talking to you ladies. 9:26 PM Oct 19th

• #musicalchairs @xoxSNP: It's drop-dead amazing how pissy a person can get when asked to move from a seat with your name on it. 4:18 PM Oct 22nd

• #musicalchairs @laurenonizzle: Watching people squabble over names on seats is hecka hilar. #lgfw is like a big highschool with no cheerleaders and a HUGE drama club. 8:27 PM Oct 22nd

• #bloggers @stephaniefusco: Bloggers: make sure your blog is actually updated+well-read before you presumptuously ask for a front row seat at a show #lgfw panel 12:53 PM Oct 23rd

• #attendees @KyleRAlbert: WTF! Is with all these effen kids at fashion week this year! Move yourself and leave #lgfw to the professionals and the worthy! Bah! 10:49 PM Oct 24th

• #bloggers @DanielRWilson: Heard again, the new batch of 16 year old bloggers stealing major editors front row seats was a big problem at #LGFW 3:34 PM Oct 24th

Runway of the future:
• #livestreaming @susanattfi Watching a live stream of Line @LGFWbyFDCC from my desk. Perfect 2-camera view; no crowds, no confusion looking for my seat. Luv it! 9:24 PM Oct 19th

• #livestreaming @susanattfi Watching the live stream of @LGFWbyFDCC is a great casting call tool! I can assess how each model walks, poses - simply fabulous! 9:31 PM Oct 19th

• #livestreaming @susanattfi Seriously loving this. You can see every detail, every crease (eek!) 9:32 PM Oct 19th

• #daviddixon @DorisMontanera: Scoop. David Dixon is having a show in Nov to celebrate his 15th anniversary. Can't wait. #lgfw 3:28 PM Oct 19th

• #funny @brooklynis: Heard at #lgfw "sometimes your knight in shining armour is just a retard in tin foil" 12:17 PM Oct 22nd

• #shame @StudioLit: There's a special feeling that occurs when you realize that you are chatting up a girl with your face covered in chocolate. #shame #LGFW 5:51 PM Oct 20th

• #glamour @DorisMontanera: Fashion shows are glamorous. I just got hit in the head by a bag. #lgfw 8:19 PM Oct 20th

• #weirdpromos @DorisMontanera: Lizard guy isn't a freak. He's from skincare line Strivectin. #lgfw 7:45 PM Oct 19th

• #weirdpromos @DorisMontanera: Guy wearing a lizard head mask at #lgfw hmm...what statement is he making? 7:42 PM Oct 19th

What the fashionistas were wearing:
• #streetstyle @livjudd: Sit 1 minute at #LGFW and you'll see what trends the fashion crowd has adopted with open arms. Fur, leopard print & red lips... 6:16 PM Oct 22nd

• #fur @AngelaYMartin: Just finished editing photos from Friday's shows & street style. Glad #LGFW is finished. Never have I seen so many fur vests in one week. 4:57 AM Oct 23rd

• #saycheese @fraserabe: looking through the myriad of #lgfw coverage. is it out of style to smile with teeth now? is street style like getting a passport photo? Tue Oct 26 01:04:09 2010

Drama-free zone:
• #boring? @daniellemeder: Is it just me or has this #LGFW been relatively drama free? Who wants to get drunk & make a scene tonight? Peroni, I've got a PR op for you. 11:21 AM Oct 22nd

Praise for volunteers:
• #volunteersrock @DorisMontanera: Belated praise for the volunteers doing the seating Monday night at #lgfw. Very professional and nice too! 9:40 AM Oct 20th

• #volunteersrock @DorisMontanera: But, what's with only giving them the seating chart for one section? #lgfw 9:42 AM Oct 20th

• #volunteersrock @CanadaWears: @tricia_campbell perhaps the #LGFW volunteers worked TOO hard. one of them tried to deny entrance to photo pit boss George Pimentel LOL 5:01 PM Oct 23rd

• #volunteersrock @LGFWbyFDCC: Tx! <3 them! RT @tricia_campbell: I have to say, this season's #lgfw volunteers were the best. Most attentive + hard working group thus far 4:56 PM Oct 23rd

• #beingavolunteer @Shane_McKenna: Catching up on some serious sleep this weekend #LGFW has almost killed me - but so worth it 10:50 PM Oct 22nd

4. TFI Wins Incubator of The Year Award
On October 5, 2010, the Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI) honoured the Toronto Fashion Incubator with the 2010 Incubator of the Year Award for "Outstanding contribution of advancing the fashion industry in Canada," said CABI president Marie Lussier. The Toronto Fashion Incubator was founded by the City of Toronto in 1987 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2012 with a gala celebration. Stay tuned for future updates.

5. TFI Press & Buyers Breakfast Recap
On October 5, 2010, the Toronto Fashion Incubator presented spring 2011 at its annual Press & Buyers Breakfast. With 19 of the freshest new designers exhibiting their collections, Toronto's press and buyers got their first look at some of Canada's latest ones-to-watch. Some of the notable buyers who attended were Fashion Crimes, Stylefly.ca, Trove boutique and enPrivado, which is based in Edmonton. Sales reps from GZ International and The Agency attended, as well as media from ELLE Canada, Eye Weekly, FLARE, Front Row Magazine, Globe & Mail, She Does The City, Sun Media, 2 Magazine, Toronto Life, Vie Magazine and Vitamin Daily.

"We are extremely grateful to the City of Toronto Economic Development for being our key event sponsor. Without its continuing support, this event would not be possible," said TFI executive director, Susan Langdon. Additional event sponsors included Cassels Brock Blackwell LLP, VitaminWater and Nestlé.

With dozens of media and buyers in attendance, guests enjoyed a fruitful breakfast while browsing through fashionable displays of womenswear, childrenswear, gifts and accessories. For event images, visit http://bit.ly/b04bjp.

6. New York Announces New Fashion Industry Initiatives
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert K. Steel and New York City Economic Development President Seth W. Pinsky announced on November 4, 2010, six new initiatives to support the long-term growth of the city’s $55 billion fashion industry. The initiatives grew out of FashionNYC2020, a year-long examination of the challenges facing the fashion industry designed to help the city build on its competitive advantages to maintain its status as a global fashion capital. The initiatives will address the industry’s challenges in two ways: by further positioning the city as a hub of innovation for emerging designers as well as specialty and multi-channel retail, and by attracting the next generation of design, management and merchant talent.

“New York City is the fashion capital of the world, and the factors that drive that success – the creativity and expertise of our talented workforce – present us with competitive advantages we want to capitalize on,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Industry leaders like Diane von Furstenberg, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren and others helped us develop these seven initiatives to nurture the next generation of fashion talent in New York City and to help make it easier for fashion entrepreneurs to make turn their ideas into reality.”

New York City’s fashion industry employs 165,000 people, accounting for 5.5 percent of the city’s workforce, and generates nearly $2 billion in tax revenue annually. In addition, the city is home to one of the world’s largest wholesale fashion markets, attracting more than 500,000 visitors a year to its trade shows, showrooms and retail stores. In order to better understand current sector trends and their implications for New York City – including the growth of online business models and emergence of new international markets – New York City Economic Development Corporation conducted surveys and interviews with more than 500 industry professionals including CEOs from leading fashion companies, wholesalers, retailers, and designers. The research was completed in conjunction with Bain & Company, who provided their services pro bono. The industry chairs for FashionNYC2020 are Richard Darling, CEO of LF USA; Diane von Furstenberg, chairman and founder, Diane von Furstenberg Studio L.P., and president, Council of Fashion Designers of America; Terry Lundgren, Chairman, president and CEO of Macy’s, Inc.; Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory; and Kevin Ryan, CEO of Gilt Groupe.

The new initiatives are:

NYC Fashion Fund: The NYC Fashion Fund will provide a unique venue to support emerging designers in New York City by assisting them to access capital for production financing, and providing them with a list of ‘vetted’ manufacturers interested in serving emerging designers, and other support services to help them through their first production cycle. While emerging designers face many challenges to growing businesses in New York City, access to production financing, creating network of high quality manufacturers, marketing and other support services, such as instruction on business plan writing and cash flow projections can be the most significant hurdle. The Fund would be established with an initial investment by the city.

Project Pop-up: To maintain New York City’s position as a retail leader, and raise its status as a location where retailers want to start and grow businesses, the city is launching “Project Pop-up,” an annual competition to promote new and innovative retail concepts. Participants will be asked to submit ideas for create store concepts or online retail businesses, and a panel of industry executives will choose the most promising. The winning concepts will be given mentoring and marketing support, networking opportunities, and – if the idea is for a physical store – help creating a temporary “pop-up” store to test the concept.

New York City Fashion Draft: The annual New York City Fashion Draft will convene nominated students from domestic and international universities in the city for a structured week of interviews with New York City-based fashion businesses. Many fashion businesses currently have internal recruitment programs, but they do not coordinate when bringing prospective candidates to the City for interviews. Through the New York City Fashion Draft, students interested in the business side of the industry - buying, advertising and marketing, merchandising, production, retail, sales, and technology - will have the chance to earn a full-time, management-track position within one of the participating companies. In addition to exposing the students to a broader array of potential employers, the Draft will serve as an efficient way of introducing a large pool of talent to the City’s fashion companies in a short amount of time. Ensuring that business-minded students look to fashion as a viable career path is critical to the city’s efforts to attract and retain top-tier talent.

Fashion Campus NYC: To provide up-and-coming fashion and retail management professionals with additional opportunities in the industry, the city will launch Fashion Campus NYC. Students’ first exposure to the fashion industry often comes through summer internships that primarily operate at the company level. The program will be comprised of business seminars led by industry executives, networking opportunities, and an online resource with information on living and working in New York City.

New York City Fashion Fellows: The New York City Fashion Fellows will recognize 30 “rising stars” in fashion management who will receive mentoring services and networking opportunities with industry professionals and their peers. The fashion industry has several programs that recognize and reward creative talent, but those programs overlook rising stars working in business-related functions including marketing and advertising, merchandising, production, publishing, retail, sales and technology. These positions are critical to continued growth of the more than 900 fashion businesses located in New York City.

Designer as Entrepreneur: New York City is home to a significant number of emerging fashion designers, many of whom have a strong creative vision, but lack the requisite business skills necessary to translate their ideas into scalable business models. The program, an entrepreneurial “boot camp,” will consist of a series of workshops led by industry experts focusing on topics such as developing business plans, financial management, and e-commerce.

For each of the initiatives, New York City Economic Development Corporation will release a Request for Proposals in 2011 to solicit program managers. Parties interested in receiving any of the Requests for Proposals should email: FashionRFPs@NYCEDC.com.

These initiatives complement a series of projects already launched that were designed to support the sector, including facilitating the expansion of New York’s Fashion Week through its move to Lincoln Center; opening the CFDA Fashion Incubator to help emerging fashion designers grow and sustain their businesses in New York City; and launching www.NYCFashionInfo.com, a comprehensive online resource for designers, retailers, and visitors that provides one-stop access to trade show venues and dates, a comprehensive listing of showrooms, and wholesale sources for the fashion industry.

7. Upcoming TFI Events
Get details on TFI's upcoming seminars, events and gatherings:

TFI New Labels® Fashion Design Competition Submission Deadline
5:00pm ET, December 6, 2010

Here is YOUR chance to WIN $10,000 CASH and a FEATURE in FLARE magazine. Click here for details.

Guilty Pleasures
February 5, 2011

9:00am - 4:30pm, The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. W., Toronto. Back together for a deliciously delightful fifth year, The Drake Hotel and Toronto Fashion Incubator present this popular consumer sale. Enjoy a sumptuous brunch while shopping for local apparel and accessory designers, beauty and giftware. Sale is open to the public. For brunch reservations, contact 416.531-5042.

TFI Studio Tours
Call & Book a Tour!
Sign up for a brief tour of the TFI facilities and learn how membership benefits can help your business succeed. Call us at 416.971.7117 ext. 21.

8. Share Your News With TFI
Do you have a story you would like to share with like-minded, fashion-loving people around the world? We’re always looking for stories on new store openings, exciting updates from our members and the rest of the fashion community. Send your submissions or press releases to info@fashionincubator.com.

9. Thank You TFI Donors
Thank you to our donors for your support of our non-profit organization. Your financial contribution enables TFI to carry on its important work of encouraging job creation and economic development in the community. This month we recognize the following contributors for their kind donations to TFI: Benefactor: Alexia McGavin. Donor categories: Contributor, $50 and under; Supporter, $50 to $100; Benefactor, $100 to $500; Patron, $500 and up. If you would like to make a donation to TFI please click here.

10. Scene & Heard
Ottawa Fashion Week

Held at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa from October 29-31, 2010, the three-day week wrapped up with a runway show by Project Runway Canada alumna Jessica Biffi. Featuring a nautical theme with pastels and stretch jerseys, the collection was designed for both women and men, a first for Biffi. TFI Residents Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk of LABEL also showed at OFW with their spring 2011 collection entitled Hot For Teacher. The preppy but sexy line of easy separates took cues from school uniforms.

A Winning Line for Joeffer
Joeffer Caoc, TFI alumnus and one of Canada’s top designers, has resurrected his Misura label as an exclusive line for Winners, Canada’s leading discount fashion retailer. Now in stores, Caoc’s jersey separates range from $79 to $190 retail.

Stylish Party Animals Raise Funds for OSPCA
The inaugural Paws for the Cause fundraiser hosted a crowd of 300 pet-lovers, fashionistas and celebrities on October 28th, 2010 at Red Bull 381 projects. The non-profit event benefited the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), one of the country's largest and most responsive animal welfare organizations. The fundraiser rallied Toronto's fashion and pet communities by combining a dog fashion show and a photo campaign inspired by the iconic images of The Sartorialist. The Paws for the Cause fashion show showcased one-of-a-kind dog outfits by Canadian designers Ashley Rowe, Beckerman, Joeffer Caoc, Jules Power, Philip Sparks, Roots, Shared Design Collective, Tavan Mitto, Rita Liefhebber and Moon. Celebrity dog walkers included actor Kristin Booth, pop stars Keshia Chante and Anna Cyzon, Heather Ogden (National Ballet of Canada), Amy Verner (Globe & Mail) and Andrew Sardone (NOW Magazine) to name a few.

Online Mags Debut
THE KIT, a new digital magazine, launched in October at http://www.thekit.ca. It's full of beauty and health news and expert advice, written by top names such as former Fashion magazine editor Ceri Marsh, and former Chatelaine beauty and style editor Deborah Fulsang. Mudd Magazine, headed up by former Lush publisher Mahfud Ibrahim, features fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle articles. Launched as an IPad and iPhone app, the online mag is also available at http://muddmag.com/about.php.

L'Wren Scott Collaborates With Lancome
Just in time for the holidays, American fashion stylist, designer and former model L'Wren Scott, debuts her dark and moody beauty collection for Lancome. Products include nail polish, lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow and mascara in shades of dark slate, grey and burgundy. Although Scott was a successful French Vogue model, she is more widely known as the girlfriend of Rolling Stone front man Mick Jagger.

Pantone Handheld Matches Colours Instantly
Pantone, a global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, announced the release of CAPSURE™, a compact, handheld device that lets designers, contractors and do-it-yourselfers measure and match colour inspiration instantly – from small, patterned, multi-colored textures and fabrics to walls and even carpeting, and match it to a PANTONE® colour for fast and easy reference. CAPSURE Sync is available for both PC and Mac users and is included, free-of-charge, with each CAPSURE device. The Palette Application Software is available for download, free-of-charge, upon product registration. The Palette Application Software is PC-compatible; Macintosh support is expected in January 2011. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/b4E4T6.

Julianna Margulies Inks Deal With L'Oreal
Actor Julianna Margulies, 44, star of the critically acclaimed series, “The Good Wife,” on CBS, is the new face of L’Oreal’s RevitaLift anti-aging serum. According to a company-issued press release, Cyril Chapuy, Global Brand President, L'Oreal Paris, said, "Entering into a partnership with Julianna Margulies is truly exciting for us. Aside from her unique beauty, Julianna is one of the most compassionate women in the business. She's an exceptional addition to our amazing roster of spokespeople and we're extremely proud to support her." The Golden Globe award-winning actress will join fellow celebs Eva Longoria Parker, Penelope Cruz and Beyonce as the brand’s latest spokesmodel.
11. Top Picks
An online destination to source sustainable materials and services from global suppliers. Search through a comprehensive and curated selection of materials and services, review technical and sustainability specs, calculate lead and ship times, connect with suppliers, and source swatches, yardage and product through a seamless online transaction.

Conduct a tailored search of the Government of Canada's website for federal grants, loans and financing programs

Searching for inspiration? Explore 350 objects of desire in the museum's holdings of historic and contemporary fashion and textile collections.

12. Upcoming Events

Denis Gagnon, a Couturier at the Museum: Ten Years of Fashion Design
ongoing until February 13, 2011
A retrospective of Canadian designer Denis Gagnon's work in the Contemporary Art Square at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA).

One Of A Kind Chicago
december 2 - 5, 2010
Gift show and sale

TFI New Labels® Application Deadline
december 6, 2010 at 5pm
Send your application for a chance to win $10,000 CASH & a FEATURE in FLARE

One Of A Kind Vancouver
december 9 - 12, 2010
Gift show and sale

One Of A Kind New York
New York
december 9 - 12, 2010
Gift show and sale

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