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US Notions and Trims Suppliers

36 items in US Notions and Trims Suppliers

Alicia Lace - Liberty Tex USA

141 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-967-7888 | F 212-967-8899

Product Mix: Embroidered Fabric, Embroidered Lace, Beaded Fabric, Re-embroidery & Cut-Out Work, Beaded Appliques, Motifs & Trims, Cluny Lace

Minimums: None

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale, Web Order

American Fabrics Company

450 7th Avenue, Suite 963,
New York, NY, USA, 10123
T 212-868-0100 | F 212-714-9385


Ed Gale

Product Mix: One of the world's largest suppliers of laces, embroideries, novelty trims, fabrics and prints

Minimums: $300

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale

Artistic Ribbon and Novelty

22 West 21st Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10010
T 212-255-4224 | F 212-645-6589

Product Mix: Ribbons, rosebuds and bows

Minimums: $100

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale, Web Order

B&J Inc.

525 Seventh Ave, 2nd Floor,
New York, NY, 100018
T 212.354.8150

Product Mix: Fabrics

Beads World Inc.

1384 Broadway,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.302.1199

Product Mix: Beads & Findings

Buttonwood Corp.

260 West 39th Street, 3rd Floor,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-354-7591 | F 212-354-8291

Product Mix: "The world's largest manufacturer of fine wooden buttons and toggles"

Minimums: $25 minimum order

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale, Web Order

Carlcraft Knit Sales Inc.

1000 Wilt Avenue,
Ridgefield, NJ, USA, 07657-1512
T 201-729-9300 | F 201-729-9311


Michael Aronson |
Erwin Gill
Steph Gill

Product Mix: One of the largest manufacturers of knit trim in the United States; specialize in collars, cuffs, braids, elastic bands, armbands and waistbands

Store Type: Wholesale, Manufacturer

Cinderella Trimmings & Ribbons

60 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-840-0644

Product Mix: Notions, buttons, trims; specialize in bridal

Store Type: Retail

Fountain Set

T 212-868-9134

Product Mix: Circular Knits

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale

Ginsburg Trim LLC

242 West 38th ST.,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.244.4539

Product Mix: Brainds, decorative trims, frog closures

Store Type: Retail, Wholesale

Great Button Inc.

1030 Sixth Ave,
New York, NY, 11223
T 212.869.6811

Product Mix: Buttons, buckles, beads etc.

Store Type: Wholesale, Retail

Hyman Hendler and Sons

67 West 38th St.,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-840-8393 | F 212-704-4237



Product Mix: Basic, novelty and vintage ribbons and trims, of their own design

Minimums: $50

Store Type: Wholesale

Jay Company Trimmings

22 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-921-0440 | F 212-575-2620

Product Mix: The largest and most diverse selection of trim inventory in the world"

Minimums: $100

Store Type: Wholesale, Web Order

JB Silks

PO Box 749,
Ferndale, WA, USA, 98248
T 360-778-1621 | T 877-877-3069 | F 360-778-3946


Jessica | Customer Service

Product Mix: In business for over 30 years. We have an incredible selection of beautiful high quality fine silk fabric available in many patterns and colours including embroidered, brocade, novelty and solid colour silks for Fashion, Bridal, Quilting & Home Decor. Thousands of distinctive silk fabrics are in stock and ready for immediate shipping to Canada. Be sure to visit our website for a complete selection of all of our beautiful silk fabrics. Delivery: Ready to ship from Washington State to Canada. We also offer custom dying of our solid colour silk fabrics with low minimums. HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 7:00pm eastern standard time.

Minimums: None

Store Type: Wholesale, Retail

Lin's Trimming Co.

256 West 38th St.,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.764.2166 | F 212.391.2979

Product Mix: Ribbons, trims, closures, buttons

Minimums: None

Store Type: Wholesale, Retail

Lion Button Company

246 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-768-7090 | F 212-768-7095


Bill Weisberger

Product Mix: Notions, buttons, trims

Minimums: Dependant on type of button

Store Type: Wholesale

M&J Trimming

1008 Sixth Ave,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-391-6200 | F 212-764-5854

Product Mix: Appliques, beaded fringe, beaded trim, beads, braided trim, buckles, buttons, closures, cords, flowers, fringe, fur & feathers, handles, iron-on trim, jacquards, lace, nailheads, pendants, rhinestones, ribbons, tassels, tools and glue

Minimums: There is no minimum dollar amount to place an order. If purchasing by yardage, a minimum quantity of 1 yard must be purchased. Shipping charges begin at $5.95.

Store Type: Retail, Web Order, Wholesale

Malibu Textiles

49 West 37th Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-354-6707 | F 212-921-0251


Al Fenner
John Irwin

Product Mix: Lace; Converter; Trim

Minimums: No minimums if in stock

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale

Match Feather Inc.

224 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.704.0111

Product Mix: Ribbons, trims

Miju Sewing USA Corp.

306 West 37th St,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.695.7122

Product Mix: Notions & supplies

N.Y. Elegant Fabrics

222 West 40th St.,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.302.4980

Product Mix: Fabrics, tulle

New York Binding Co.

43-01 22nd Street,
Long Island City, NY, USA, 11101
T 718-729-2454 | F 718-392-7070


Linda van Dine

Product Mix: Fabricate trim

Minimums: Depends

Store Type: Contractor, Manufacturer, Wholesale

Panda International Trading of New York, Inc.

247 West 38th St.,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.302.9434 | F 212.302-9488

Product Mix: Zippers, notions, sewing supplies, dress forms and more

Paron Fabrics West

206 West 40th St,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212.768.3266

Product Mix: Silk, Linen, Cotton, Woolens, Synthetics, Jersey/Knits, Velvets, Tulle, Felt etc.

Promo Trim

37 Spring Valley Avenue,
Paramus, NJ, USA, 07652
T 201-568-6519 | F 201-712-5445

Product Mix: Trim, notions, heat seals, silk screen printing

Minimums: None usually

Roth International

13 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-840-1945 | F 212-391-1033



Product Mix: Wholesale manufacturer and distributor of laces, buttons and beaded and embroidered trimmings for the women's garment and home decorative industry

Minimums: No dollar amount, wholesale put up

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale

Royal Craft Trimming Corp.

307 West 36th Street, 5th Floor,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212-563-6330 | F 212-465-1257



Product Mix: Trims, notions, embroidery

Minimums: None

Samuel Ehrman & Co.

1410 27th Street,
North Bergen, NJ , USA, 07047-2181
T 201-866-5223

Product Mix: Embroidery Supplies, Fabric

Store Type: Wholesale

Steinlauf & Stoller Inc.

239 West 39th St.,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212 869-0321 | F 212 302-4465

Product Mix: Extensive selection of notions and sewing supplies

Tender Buttons

143 East 62nd Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10021
T 212-758-7004 | F 212-319-8474



Product Mix: New and antique buttons

Minimums: Prices range from 50 cents for simple white buttons to hundreds of dollars for antique gold buttons inlaid with semi-precious stones

Store Type: Retail

The Fabric Stock Exchange

T 215-579-2791 | F 215-579-2813


Sheryl Sapriel

Product Mix: Silks, Linens, Cottons, Rayons, Polyesters, Wools, Better Blends. Solids, Prints and Novelties in stretch and non-stretch. Imported and domestic.

Minimums: 15 yards per item. $2.00 - $10.00/yd.

Store Type: Web Order, Wholesale, Retail

Tinsel Trading Company

47 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, USA, 10018
T 212-730-1030 | F 212-768-8823

Product Mix: Appliques & ornaments, buttons & beads, cords, fabrics & threads, flowers & leaves, fringes, metal & metallic trims, passementerie, ribbons, stampings and sequins, tassels.

Minimums: $50 minimum order for shipping

Store Type: Wholesale

Titan Trading Co.

60 Eisenhower Dr,
Paramus, NJ, USA, 07652
T 210-368-5201 | F 210-368-5207


Joel Rothstein | Joel@titan-trading.com

Product Mix: Natural corozo, Vegetable ivory & Tagua nut buttons

Minimums: None

Store Type: Wholesale

Toho Shoji (New York) Inc.

990 6th Avenue,
New York, NY, 10018
T 212-868-7465 | F 212-868-7464

Product Mix: Jewelry findings, beads, chains, etc.

Store Type: Manufacturer, Wholesale

Touch of Lace

333 Bergen,
Fairview, NJ, USA, 07022
T 201-943-1082 | F 201-943-7163

Product Mix: Laces, Schiffil, Multis, Embroideries

Minimums: Sells only to wholesale manufacturers; a small selection of Venice designs are available through the website

Store Type: Manufacturer

Waterbury Button Co.

1855 Peck Lane,
Cheshire, CT, USA, 06410
T 203-271-9055 x0309 | F 203-271-9852


Craig Lefebvre | Fashion Sales Manager

Product Mix: US made metal fashion buttons, brass & nickel, antique finishes, custom logo buttons, jeans tacks, lapel pins, cufflinks

Minimums: 5 gross, .20 to .55 cents USD

Store Type: Wholesale